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Triage Sheet – get started here

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Use this sheet to help learn WHEN to order and refer during the course of care.  Most of you clinical decision makaing should be done at the EVALUATIONS, this is a great cheat sheet to keep in the patient's chart OR create a pop-up in your…

The Surgeon – a conversation I had today – 11-04-2020

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This is an exchange that I had with the Neurosurgeon that I am working on building a relationship with...I had sent him 3 about a month ago, he sent 2 late last week.  This is good since as I had mentioned, they have 4 chiropractors in their…

The Patient Referral Packet – how to build credibility with referrals

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I am sharing with you one of my “secret weapons” in creating a stellar reputation as a top notch clinic and my work as a real doctor.   This packet is from an actual patient that was referred to a local neurologist for concussion follow…