Data Driven, Evidence Based, Spine Management Education

Spine Management Physician TM

Welcome to the LEARNING section of the National Spine Management Group.  I am excited and thankful that you have found us, as you get to know us you will see we continue to work to evolve the chiropractic profession from an academic standpoint.   That evolution, is critical to practice growth and reputation building, allowing you to become part of the solution for millions of American with spine related pain syndromes.

The National Spine Management’s MISSION is the development, support and evolution of graduate chiropractic education and practice growth strategies.

How we will accomplish this MISSION:

  • Partnerships with medical and chiropractic academia
  • Publications of scholarly/academic articles and papers
  • Dissemination of relevant peer reviewed research supporting the Doctor of Chiropractic as a Spine Management PhysicianTM
    • Formal grand rounds, continuing legal education, clinical documentation, and outreach programming
  • Business and clinical support for growing practices
  • Create an infrastructure to emulate graduate medical curricula through Fellowship training and advanced certification
  • Practice placement services for newly graduating DCs
  • Development of “Centers of Excellence” for community-based Fellowship training